Journey to the top – 17 hikes worth every step

- the 22 June 2020

10 Activities You Can Only Do In The Mountains

- the 19 June 2020

Discover the wonders of the mountains

- the 25 June 2018

Summer skiing: where can you ski (nearly) all year round?

In France, skiing is also available in summer! On the alpine glaciers, ski lifts and runs actually stay open for a good chunk of the summer, giving skiers who just can’t get enough the chance to ex...

- the 20 May 2018

Where to ski in Spring?

Summer might be around the corner but the ski season is far from over. Thanks to some incredible snow falls this season, the conditions are still amazing with the added bonus of some Spring sunshin...

- the 6 April 2018

Olympic sports to try!

Jump off a ski jump, race neck and neck on a boardercross, devour a slope at top speed or train your eye on the target… Why not try your hand at the Olympic disciplines on offer this winter? Bobsle...

- the 9 February 2018

Mountain yoga: well-being top to toe!

Well-being needs to be at the top of your list of New Year’s resolutions! You’ll find all kinds of yoga in our resorts: wide open spaces, physical exercise and total relaxation. We take a closer lo...

- the 22 January 2018

Running in the snow: why not have a go at a snow trail?

Trail running is gaining ground in resorts this winter – why not have a bit of fun running in the snow? We have a busy calendar of snow races, and increasing numbers of beginners and experienced ru...

- the 22 January 2018

All kinds of Nordic pursuits!

When we talk about Nordic skiing, we immediately think of cross-country skiing (alternative or skating) and snowshoeing. But there are other options – sign-posted trails take you out into the natur...

- the 22 January 2018

Why not give ski touring a go?!

Ski touring is a great way to enjoy a different kind of experience in the snow and taste the freedom of wide-open spaces. A number of ski resorts are keen to offer people the chance to try it out i...

- the 19 January 2018

E-bikes are creating quite a buzz in the mountains!

This summer, how do you fancy cycling up a mountain pass for the very first time? Or why not get to grips with the hairpin bends on a road cycling trip? The huge surge in e-bikes means anything’s p...

- the 4 July 2017

6 brand new experiences to try this winter

In need of a thrill or some me-time? This winter, ski resorts are offering many new experiences perfect for recharging your batteries or providing an adrenalin rush… We turn the spotlight on 7 bran...

- the 16 November 2016