What's new this summer in the Family Plus resorts!

Mise à jour - the 10 April 2024

A family ski holiday: there are so many new activities to discover!

- the 6 October 2023

Our advice for a successful family vacation

- the 18 May 2023

Famille Plus, the family vacation label for all

In the mountains, look for this seal of approval !  The Famille Plus label means that kids from 18 months and up, along with their parents, are guaranteed a warm welcome and performances and activi...

- the 18 May 2023

5 Great Reasons to Take a Family Ski Holiday This Winter

Is there a better family holiday than a ski holiday? As well as the snow, there’s breath-taking views and shared moments to enjoy, with ski resorts full of fun activities to ensure your family stay...

- the 10 September 2022

Rando: 13 trails to take with children!

There’s no better way to introduce little ones to hiking than by playing the ‘games and discovery’ card. Resorts have created easy, interesting routes for children, so kids will happily go for a wa...

- the 6 June 2022

Baby comes too!

Taking your little one on a ski holiday isn’t a problem, as long as you follow a few basic rules (common sense). Read on to discover our top tips for going skiing with your baby. 

- the 7 October 2018

Down on the farm!

So you enjoy sampling mountain specialities and taking phots of lovely Tarine cows basking in the sun – but you’ve probably never met any of the men and women working behind the scenes. Mountain he...

- the 26 August 2017

Fun hikes with donkeys and llamas!

To get your kids into hiking from an early age, you need to make it fun! Walking along mountain paths with donkeys and llamas generally gets the thumbs up - let’s find out why!

- the 20 June 2017

Our resorts bend over backwards for families

Family holidays don’t have to be a headache! Knowing how complicated holidaying with children can be, every year our resorts introduce new initiatives to make family life simpler. Here are just a f...

- the 20 September 2016

10 “Famille Plus” approved places to stay

Accommodation providers are committed to working with Famille Plus resorts to extend a very special welcome to families. Here’s our selection of 10 family-approved places to stay:

- the 13 January 2016

Children's delights

The mountains are not just for adults. Resorts are increasing their efforts to welcome little ones and to propose age-appropriate activities, giving parents the time to take full advantage of their...

- the 15 September 2015