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To get your kids into hiking from an early age, you need to make it fun! Walking along mountain paths with donkeys and llamas generally gets the thumbs up - let’s find out why!

«It’s more fun riding on a llama or donkey»! This is a great way to introduce your little ones to the joys of hiking. No more endless walks with uphill climbs that seem to go on forever, coaxing your kids along with the promise of a snack when you get to the top. Donkeys and llamas will have the whole family happily climbing up the mountain paths in no time!
Why do people like to hike with animals, especially donkeys and lamas?
  • It introduces a fun factor to hiking: when you criss-cross the mountain paths with donkeys and llamas there are sure to be plenty of comical adventures in store!
  • You don’t have to carry everything: the donkeys and llamas will carry your picnic and cool drinks for you
  • It encourages your children to walk: watch the miles and uphill climbs fly by as your little ones are focused on the animal, making sure it behaves itself! 
  • To let your children have a rest (your little ones can take short rests whilst the llama or donkey carries them)
  • To create unforgettable memories alongside these gentle, cheeky and endearing animals
Where can you hike with lamas?
Llamas are excellent hikers, they are very sure-footed on steep paths and don’t require a great deal of food or water, making them the perfect companion for a mountain hike. Originally from the high plateaus of South America, they make easy work of the Alpine paths and are happy to carry your provisions too!
  • In Valloire, a whole programme awaits visitors of all ages, inviting you to discover the mountains with these adorable, gentle animals. You’ll find storytelling sessions with drinks and nibbles, hikes with culinary delights and of course, family walks with qualified guides.
  • In La Bresse Hohneck, you’ll enjoy walks alongside forty or so llamas, in a vast nature reserve at the heart of the Hautes-Vosges. Take part in a guided tour of  the farm, learn more about these animals that are originally from the Andes mountains, buy alpaca milk produce and Peruvian crafts… A wonderful family outing awaits!
Where can you hike with donkeys?
  • In Aussois, ‘Anes et Randos’ invites you to totally immerse yourself in life with donkeys: take part in family hikes (with your picnic carried by your four-footed friend!), visit the donkey farm, buy donkey milk soap... It’s a great way to find out all there is to know about these gentle, mischievous companions!
  • Saint Sorlin d’Arves: Hike with donkeys along marked paths. The donkey will carry your picnic, as well as any tired little ones.
  • Peisey-Vallandry: Chipie, Litchi, Canabis and Olive will take you to the heart of the Vanoise National Park, on prepared and marked out routes, ranging from 90 minutes to several days.
  • In Villard de Lans you can take part in longer donkey hikes that can last several days, along the Vercors Grandes Traversées or doing the tour of the Vercors 4 Mountains. For less experienced walkers, fear not, day hikes are also available!
  • In St Pierre de Chartreuse, you can get to know the donkeys and take care of them before setting off on your hike: grooming them, cleaning their hooves (for older children) and tacking up. Along the walk, you can take it in turns to lead the donkey on a rein, learn how to tie different knots, choose a suitable place for it to graze or have a rest...

Photos : Fotolia / Ph.Devanne - G.Tosta / Valloire - OT Peisey Vallandry

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