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2024 Mountain activities

Worried about getting bored this summer? Not in the mountains! For the young and not so young, the sporty and the lazy, the curious and the nature lovers, the mountains abound with a multitude of activities to satisfy every desire (even the wildest ...).  

Here's a selection of things to do in the French mountains this summer! 

Mountain sports in summer

La montagne en été - VTT à la montagne
Tignes - ©mimistyleur

Cycling in all its forms

Mountain biking is a star sport in the mountains in summer, with more and more people taking up the sport every year. Thousands of kilometres of signposted trails and bike parks are available in the resorts to help you make the most of this sport. Take on the Grande Traversée du Massif Central, for example, or enjoy a contemplative ride on the dedicated VTTAE (electrically assisted mountain bike) routes in Isère. 

For road bike enthusiasts, the mountains are a real challenge! In the heart of unique landscapes, you can set off to conquer the legendary cols of the Tour de France.  

Whatever type of cycling you prefer, don't hesitate to ask a cycling instructor to help you discover the pleasure of cycling or improve your skills!  

Must-sees for enjoying the landscape

The French mountains offer unique landscapes where translucent lakes, forests as far as the eye can see and breathtaking cliffs mingle.Each mountain range has its own special features, immersing you in a timeless setting.  
Dedicated facilities allow you to go hiking on signposted trails, climb the rocky giants in your safety belt, or try your hand at via ferrata with a breathtaking view in the background. 

Sports passions within easy reach

Resorts are increasingly diversifying their infrastructure to enable everyone to practise their favourite sport. In the mountains in summer, you can find golf courses, fishing lakes, paintball fields and horse-riding centres.



Recharge your batteries in the mountains 

La montagne en été - Pratique du yoga

Take advantage of the natural water springs

The mountains have many health benefits. In the heart of the natural springs and thermal waters, stop for a moment to pamper your body in a spa, for a balneotherapy session, a massage or in a Nordic bath.  
With your feet in the water facing the mountains, take advantage of this rejuvenating setting to cut yourself off from the world for an afternoon.  

Discover the Pyrenees well-being centre.

Try detox holidays

Known for its peace and quiet and its many natural resources, the mountains are an ideal place to get back into shape and start a detox programme. A wide range of immersive formulas allow you to combine sports, gentle activities and healthy eating in the heart of nature.


Do something good for your mind

More and more, the mountains are opening up to gentle activities that teach you to let go and refocus on yourself. Meditative walks and meditation and yoga classes are organised by professionals during the summer months in particular. If you're a regular visitor, you can also practice on your own.  



Looking for thrills?

La montagne en été - Tyrolienne géante
Alpes du Sud - ©Clarafotomania

In the air 

For thrill-seekers, aerial activities are a must. Acrobatic paragliding, bungee jumping, microlighting, hang-gliding, high-lining or giant zip-lines, alone or with others, let yourself be surprised!


On the ground 

Hold on tight, because even with your feet on the ground (and underground), you'll have plenty of thrilling new experiences. Take to the skies in a mountain go-kart for a thrilling race, go down in an acrobatic speleo to discover unexplored places, or enjoy the joys of sliding, even in summer, on a rail sledge.


On white water

Enter the mountain's white waters to challenge yourself on its tumultuous rivers. Take advantage of the current to hydrospeed, raft or kayakraft down the rivers. And if you're feeling brave, take the giant ramps down for a memorable dip in the lake.  

Find out about all the sensational sports you can do in the Vosges!


Discovering the local heritage 

La montagne en été - Visite d'une cave d'affinage du fromage
Les Montagnes du Jura - ©Bestjobers / BFC Tourisme 


Our French massifs have built their identity around a unique history and heritage.  
While you're on holiday in the mountains in summer, take the opportunity to discover the local gastronomy: meet the local producers and discover the secrets of their know-how. Cheese dairies, distilleries, orchards, farms - when you go to the mountains in summer, all these places are also an opportunity to cool off for a few hours.  

Fauna and flora 

A region's heritage is also the history of its landforms and landscapes. Many resorts offer orienteering courses so you can have fun while learning about the local flora and fauna. Or try your hand at geocaching, where you can search for hidden markers deep in the countryside. 

In Savoie Mont Blanc, take a walk along one of the 5 new Climate Adventure theme trails to discover the valley's natural heritage in a fun and educational way. 




The region's heritage is built up over time, through the history of its territory.Find out more about the region's museums, which retrace the great events and skills acquired over time. In Savoie Mont Blanc, you can discover its castles and forts in total immersion.



Enjoying water sports

La montagne en été - Loisirs aquatiques sur lac
Tignes - ©andyparant.com

In walk mode

A must in the mountains in summer, take advantage of the large mountain lakes for paddle-boarding or canoeing; try your hand at aquatic biking for fun with family and friends; swim in heavenly spots between the peaks ...


In sport mode

If you're feeling adventurous, why not try a guided canyoning trip, or try one of our aquatic hikes to learn more about your surroundings. In the Southern Alps, as in all our mountain ranges, there are plenty of water-based activities on offer in the resorts throughout the summer season.



Unusual activities! 

La montagne en été - Descente de bouée
Hautes-Vosges - ©OTLBHV-G.BERVAR

Spending the summer in the mountains is the best way to discover unusual activities that you won't find anywhere else! Go for a walk with a donkey for a companion ... or a llama! Try your hand at solving the riddles at the life-size Escapes Games; soar high in a hot-air balloon; go on a cani-rando along your favourite trails; or glide at top speed on a toboggan in the Montagnes du Jura. 



Photo credits (cover)  : ©Clarafotomania ©Girlborntotravel ©Lezbroz

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