8 holes at the top

The mountain golf courses are technical and sports. They offer magnificent views of the surrounding mountains.

- the 22 May 2012

Conquering the Peaks

Every year, thousands of cyclists flock to the mountain pass routes of the Alps and Pyrenees. The reasons for the popularity of these routes are manifold: the beauty of the landscape, the prominenc...

- the 16 April 2012

Downhill Mountain Biking

Just a few years ago, downhill mountain biking was accessible only to elite athletes. A lack of adapted equipment and infrastructure within the mountain stations made the practice inconvenient. B...

- the 16 April 2012


Unlike marmots, climbers don’t have to hibernate through the cold winter months! Climbing can be practiced year round in ski resorts, in many forms. Overview. Artificial climbing walls

- the 21 March 2012


Snowmobiling allows you to benefit from the peace and quiet of the wilderness while experiencing the excitement of high speeds and feeling a rush of adrenaline. Normally, this activity is practic...

- the 21 March 2012

Ski-in, ski-out Resorts

What could be better than stepping directly into your skis from your doorstep? Ideal for holidaymakers, many French ski resorts are organised in this very ski-friendly manner.

- the 21 March 2012

Pedestrian Ski Resorts

What could be better than stepping directly out of your hotel and onto your skis? Ideal for vacationers, many French ski stations are laid out in this pedestrian-friendly manner.

- the 21 March 2012

Skating rinks

Covered or open-air, natural or artificial, real or synthetic ice…nearly all the French ski resorts have a skating rink, where you can skate, dance, play hockey, discover curling, and more. So go o...

- the 1 March 2012

Driving on ice

Looking to channel your inner Sébastien Loeb, or simply to learn a few tips for driving on slippery roads? With your safety in mind, numerous stations now offer courses that teach visitors how to s...

- the 28 February 2012

Ski Touring

Limited to tough-as-nails mountaineers just ten years ago, ski touring is becoming increasingly accessible, notably thanks to the development of superior equipment. Appealing from both an ecologi...

- the 28 February 2012

Off-piste skiing

Once a pastime only for top-level skiers, off-piste skiing has become accessible to a much larger public, thanks to equipment improvement and increased options offered by ski instructors and other ...

- the 22 February 2012

Focus: 8 linked skiable areas

If your idea of skiing is more than simply going up and down the same pistes all day long, the French mountains will surpass your expectations. Linked skiable areas allow you to move freely from ...

- the 7 February 2012