Via Ferrata

Come and experience the magic of the heights, in a unique way that is accessible to the whole family.  Via ferrata has been a popular mountain activity in France since 1988.  A unique experience,...

- the 26 August 2011


The French mountains boast the most beautiful golf courses in the country, where the love of the game meets the exhilaration of spectacular surroundings, fresh air, and high altitude.

- the 26 August 2011

Mountain Refuges

Dreaming of wide open spaces?  Wishing you could live the legend of the great mountaineers of the past century?  Or simply seeking an authentic mountain experience?  Mountain refuges are the answ...

- the 23 August 2011

A time for contemplation... in the mountains

Summer in the mountains has more to offer than athletic activities.  You can also opt for a quiet, contemplative vacation.  Let your thoughts roam free, open your eyes to the stunning landscapes an...

- the 23 August 2011

Water sports in the mountains

Windsurfing, boating, rafting, pedalo…combine the pleasures of the mountains and those of your favourite water sports on your next vacation.  Here, an overview of the multitude of activities you ne...

- the 17 August 2011

« Meeting new friends, it´s pure magic! »

« I come from this region, and I know it by heart! » Jacky Iralde, director of Club Belambra « Lou Sarri » in the Gourette station, located in the heart of the Pyrenees at an altitude of 1440 metr...

- the 21 July 2011


Jump, turn, and slide…snowparks are where avid skiers and snowboarders meet up to practice their manoeuvers on the jumps, halfpipes and rails.  And now these spaces are accessible to all levels. ...

- the 27 June 2011

Water Sports

Water, omnipresent in the mountains, offers endless fun, invigorating options.  Numerous active, original water activities can be enjoyed regardless of age or skill.  Dive in for a refreshing sen...

- the 27 June 2011


Practiced by 1.5 million in France and accessible to everyone, hiking is an activity that awakens the senses.  The perfect activity for contemplation and reinvigoration, at times an effort but al...

- the 27 June 2011

Mountain Biking

On a mountain bike, hit the trails, rush down the hills, and discover the specially equipped slopes and parks.  Mountain biking can be for pleasure, a way to enjoy the natural surroundings and di...

- the 27 June 2011


We have all dreamed of flying like the birds. In the mountains, this dream can become a reality! Paragliding allows you the unforgettable experience of seeing the mountains from above.

- the 27 June 2011


At the crossroads between hiking, climbing, and aquatic sports, canyoning is an activity waiting to be discovered !  Fun, exhilarating, and refreshing, canyoning is an activity your whole family ...

- the 27 June 2011