Regional Natural Parks of the French Mountains

What is a “Regional Natural Park?” More than just a label, it is an engagement, preserving the natural wealth of the terrain, serving visitors and local inhabitants. Here, an overview of these tr...

- the 14 November 2011

Skiing in the Pyrénées, a secret unveiled

If quizzed on skiing in the Pyrénées, a reasonable number of British skiers might recall a lager-fuelled trip to Andorra with a faceless tour operator, but barely a handful would even know that t...

- the 10 November 2011

Alps, Pyrenees or Massif Central?

We compare the main French ski resorts.

- the 10 November 2011

Architectural Heritage in the French Mountains

During the 20th century, the rising popularity of ski and snow vacations necessitated an unprecedented wave of construction.  To fulfil their missions, architects and designers were given full cr...

- the 3 November 2011

Nordic walking

Nordic walking is attracting more and more of a following.  More than a simple cross between traditional hiking and running, Nordic walking is a concept of well being that some go so far as to qu...

- the 3 November 2011



- the 26 October 2011

10 reasons to enjoy a winter break in France

Thinking of booking a ski holiday in France? You certainly will be after reading our top 10 reasons to spend your winter break at a French resort. Cheap flights, English speaking instructors, the...

- the 17 October 2011

After skiing

After skiing, relax! At night, the stations are full of entertainment for you to enjoy.

- the 13 October 2011

Panoramic Hikes

Imagine the view from above, gazing over a majestic valley with a panorama of Europe’s most spectacular peaks.  Contrary to popular belief, it is not only seasoned and serious hikers who can drea...

- the 19 September 2011

The most beautiful hiking trails

The most beautiful hiking trails

- the 19 September 2011


Challenging and fun, climbing is one of the summer’s most popular activities.  Adapted to all ages and all fitness levels, climbing attracts everyone with a taste for adventure and a desire to de...

- the 26 August 2011

Via Ferrata

Come and experience the magic of the heights, in a unique way that is accessible to the whole family.  Via ferrata has been a popular mountain activity in France since 1988.  A unique experience,...

- the 26 August 2011