Snowmobile, snowscoot and mountain biking on snow: three activities for a change from skiing this winter

Although it remains the number one activity in resorts, there isn’t only skiing in the life of a winter visitor! The snow is perfect for numerous different experiences. Some examples are snowmobile...

- the 18 October 2013

The 8 most beautiful viewpoints in the French Mountains

The mountains are stunning when they put on their white coats! With mythical or not so well known panoramas, here is our selection of the most remarkable viewpoints in the French mountains. Accessi...

- the 17 September 2013

In Spring, good ideas blossom in the resorts!

The month of March is ideal for skiing, with good quality snow and the sunlight at its peak.France Montagnes shares with you the secret of 10 good ideas to make the most of it...

- the 11 February 2013

Ski with a gallop!

Originally from Scandinavia and popularised at the beginning of the 20th century by the English staying in Saint-Moritz, ski-joering was re-launched in the Alps around twenty years ago. This fun an...

- the 4 February 2013

Discover 5 snow parks in France

Most French resorts now have a more or less extensive snow park.We have selected 5 of the most prestigious in Europe.

- the 25 January 2013

Unusual accommodation in French resorts.

For your holidays and weekends in the mountains in France, why not opt for an original stay of one or more nights in an unusual place. Whether you are a nature lover, an adventurer or romantic, hav...

- the 10 October 2012

Video: Discover the mountains in winter

Fancy a ski holiday in France? Dreaming of fresh air, open spaces, and authentic moments with some friends and family? Discover France Montagnes's video and the benefits of a ski holiday in the F...

- the 12 September 2012

Summer sports put on their winter clothes

You no longer need to put away your mountain bike in the garage or your clubs and mallets in the cupboard just because the mountain is cloaked in white!  Summer sports such as mountain biking, go...

- the 11 September 2012

Walk to happiness

The main activity carried out in the mountains – walking - offers endless possibilities.Its many variants enchant the different enthusiasts, who find in it a good way to get fresh air whilst havi...

- the 23 July 2012

Adrenaline addict

Steep gradients - dreaded by hikers and cyclo-tourists - are adopted by thrill-seekers.

- the 3 July 2012

Relax in the heart of resort-villages

If you are looking for family holidays in a preserved natural environment with magnificent scenery, in a place where tourism is synonymous with harmony.

- the 2 July 2012

The major cycling events in the mountains this summer

Tackle the most scenic mountain roads in France during cyclo-sport or cyclo-touring events.If you are not available on the day, remember that many of the mythical passes are equipped with an electr...

- the 29 June 2012