5 mountain trends this summer

Would you rather be on the go or taking it easy? Are you looking for relaxing activities or personal challenges? In summer, the mountains adapt to suit your needs, with gentle slopes and magnificen...

- the 6 July 2016

The Top 15 historical sites of the French mountains

Made famous, for some, by the Tour de France, for others, for their role in the history of mountaineering, or simply for their breathtaking panoramas, these 15 sites in the French mountains are not...

- the 18 May 2016

Where can you see marmots this summer in France?

One of the most photogenic animals, the marmot lives in the French Alps (Vanoise, Écrins, Vercors, Queyras, Mercantour…), the Pyrénées, the Massif Central, the Vosges and the Jura. Here are some id...

- the 15 May 2016

4 giant Tyrolean traverses in France

If you have always dreamed of flying…it’s possible for a few dozen seconds, thanks to the giant Tyrolean traverses that have developed in different France Montagnes resorts. On your own or as a duo...

- the 10 May 2016

15 sublime swimming spots in the mountains !

On your holiday, you can take advantage of a mountain of activities…or just relax, peacefully stretched out on your beach mat, on the grass, or on the sand.  Lakes and swimming spots are all around...

- the 17 April 2016

3 original walks : barefoot, aquatic, geocaching

Mountain activities are more and more fun, to attract participants looking for new experiences and sensations.Here are three types of summer walks that are part of this trend:barefoot, aquatic and...

- the 4 April 2016


If you are looking for new sensations, a different contact with the snow and want to challenge your balance,then snowboarding is for you!

- the 24 October 2015

Discover the fun ski-play zones in cross-country skiing areas in France!

To make learning cross-country skiing more entertaining, fun spaces have been created in the French Nordic skiing areas, with moguls, modules, figurines… and even sometimes a ski lift!

- the 3 March 2014

Ski or snowboard, how to choose?

Can’t choose between skiing and snowboarding? Not sure what are the advantages and difficulties of learning these two activities? Two ESF (French ski school) instructors who teach both provide some...

- the 16 January 2014

Nordic skiing

Whether you are sporty or more contemplative, Nordic skiing is the outdoor leisure sports activity for you!  Put on your skis and discover the magnificent mountain scenery at your rhythm. Originall...

- the 24 October 2013

Alpine skiing

Speed, the pleasure of sliding, sensation of freedom… if winter sports resorts make you think of skiing, don’t hesitate and launch yourself down the snowy slopes at the first sight of snowflakes! T...

- the 23 October 2013