2016 Mountain activities

1.The grandeur of the landscape

The sun setting over a lake, the landscape unfolding over a mountain pass, fields of wildflowers... from the wilderness to the terrace of a café, each moment holds the potential to amaze.  Pure happiness.

2.The purity of the air

Inhale, exhale, inhale, exhale... pure, fresh air is everywhere, inside and out. You feel healthy and invigorated; the children have rosy cheeks and healthy appetites.

3.The omnipresence of nature

In the mountains, you are surrounded by nature.  Pure, authentic, eternal ... nothing is more natural. Take full advantage of regional and national parks crisscrossed with well-marked trails, remarkable sites, picturesque roads...and the lovely villages to complete your journey.

4.Encounters and discoveries

Discover a fromagerie, visit a chapel, wander through craft markets, visit the picturesque towns of the valley and the surrounding area... there is always something enjoyable and unexpected on the programme.

5.A land of contemplation

Even if sports and walking are not for you, the French mountains are! No need to break a sweat, it suffices just to be there.  Relax on a balcony, in a village square, or near a lake. Lose yourself in the beautiful scenery, the clean air, the silence, the smells ... you are on vacation!

6.A mountain of activities

If, on the other hand, you are a thrill-seeker, the mountains are your playground.  A mountain of activities on air, land and water are available, so vary your pleasures, and your emotions.  Each day holds something new.

7.Patrimonial treasures

The mountains are a treasure chest for cultural heritage. Religious buildings, military strongholds, castles, museums (both indoor and open-air,) noteworthy historical sites...history, tradition, and culture are all around.

8.A warm welcome


From a rustic farm stay to a 4-star hotel; from a picnic by the waterfall to the finest restaurant, the mountains are suitable for all tastes and all budgets.  Whether you spend less or more, you will love what the mountains have to offer.

9.Whatever you wish

In the mountains, it's up to you: conviviality or solitude? Energy and activity or a calm return to the self? In the mountains, you will find the ambiance that suits you. A remotecabin for you alone, a village festival, or simply a coffee and the chance for new encounters...

10.An easily accessible destination


Coming to the mountains is easy! Easy to access, and easy to find information.  Contact a tourist office for all the information relevant to your stay.

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