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The month of March is ideal for skiing, with good quality snow and the sunlight at its peak.France Montagnes shares with you the secret of 10 good ideas to make the most of it...

1- Simply enjoy the sunshine!

The month of March is ideal for skiing, with good quality snow and the sunlight at its peak.France Montagnes shares with you the secret of 10 good ideas to make the most of it...

1- Simply enjoy the sunshine!

At the spring equinox in March, at last the day is the same length as the night!After a long difficult winter, our bodies need sun to  produce specific vitamins and just for the pleasure.The days get longer, increasing the possibilities and pleasure of staying outdoors, with the added advantage that you can cut down on layers of clothing.

2- Try out spring skiing!

Whether you are a beginner or already an experienced skier, spring skiing is always magical!The sun high in the sky warms your face, while the ski lifts are open longer and the snow is softened by night time freezing and the work of the snow groomers.Your first runs are a real pleasure, with the feeling that winter on the slopes will never end! 

3- Your three-year old can try out skiing!

We don’t always think about it, but the end of the season is ideal for little ones to begin skiing.The sun, warmer temperatures and the relaxed atmosphere enable children to begin skiing without stress.You don’t need to get up too early as the snow is at its best around ten o’clock when it is gently softened by the sun.Curves are easy on a ‘velvet’ carpet and children don’t have cold fingers, feet or faces.  

4- Take care of yourself!

In spring, we have more energy and are already thinking of summer.In the resorts, everything is available to get you into shape withPilates, stretching and fitness lessons and all kinds of wellness activities (sauna, massage, Jacuzzi…).

5- Try out snowboarding in the afternoon!

At the end of the season, when the snow heats up slightly at the end of the afternoon, it’s a good idea to swap skis for a snowboard.When you are a beginner, small falls are easier on softer snow.It is also much easier to steer your board than on hard snow, where carving is more difficult and doesn’t forgive errors.  

6- Enjoy covered swimming pools in the open air!

With warmer temperatures, some swimming pools open their roofs and terraces - fora first taste of summer!With your body in  warm water, it is pleasant to feel the cool mountain air on your face.Relax and play surrounded by snow, and enjoy the pleasure of contrasts at the end of the season.

7- Go shopping with your coat open!

In January, resort streets are in darkness for après-ski, whereas in  spring you can make the most of the light until dinner time.It’s a good time to go shopping and enjoy the warmer temperatures at the end of the day, with your family or as a couple.The atmosphere on the terraces is relaxed and shop shelves move out onto the pavements for your pleasure.There is an additional bonus - atthe end of the season, shop owners often reduce prices to sell their stock so it’s a good time to find a bargain!

8- Go for a walk to look for the first marmots!

In spring, on the sunniest slopes, the fauna and flora comes back to life or becomes livelier.Why not go with a mountain guide to see the world reawakening after a long winter under the snow?You will see the first spring flowers – the purple Spring Meadow Saffron and superb violet crocuses.A few marmots dare to come out of their burrows - a bit stiff, and not very lively, but they still know how to whistle!

9- Enjoy numerous events

In spring, resorts compete to offer different events to make your holidays even more magical!  There is something for everyone - whether you enjoy concerts, fireworks, competitions or simply hot wine and mountain gastronomy.And at the end of the season, the resorts display an air of summer -with convivial terraces in the sun for après-ski, lunchtimes in just a shirt and the first barbecues of the year…just make sure you take your sun protection as you really need it!

10- Spend your first night in an igloo!

With less extreme temperatures during the night, why not try out a night in an igloo with a professional who will make this evening unforgettable as well as comfortable!

The champagne is…on ice!

Franck Oddoux

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