Flocon Vert label: for resorts who are committed to sustainable development in the mountains

- the 6 October 2023

10 reasons to head for the mountains of France this winter!

- the 15 September 2023

10 legendary mountain passes and climbs

- the 21 June 2023

6 legendary ski runs

Sarenne, La Verte, Bellevarde… they are to skiers what the Col de Galibier and Col de Tourmalet are to cyclists: runs that have to be done at least once in your life! They have that special extra s...

- the 15 September 2022

10 (deeply) beautiful landscapes to admire this summer

Summits, canyons, gorges and lakes... France contains so many stunning landscapes that can transport you to the other side of the world. Come with us on a journey through breath-taking landscapes… ...

- the 10 June 2022

Auvergne landscapes : living the slow life

The rolling terrain of the Auvergne mountains calls for a smooth way of life. Far from the city tumult, the quietness of its landscapes is an invitation to relax and slow down. Discover these volca...

- the 11 July 2020

Massif des Vosges: 7 breath-taking viewpoints!

Located in eastern France, just a few kilometres from the border with Germany, the Massif des Vosges boasts a range of different landscapes - from lakes to mountains. Set against a lush green backd...

- the 26 August 2017

Southern Alps: 7 exceptional viewpoints!

Facing the Mediterranean, the sun-drenched Southern Alps are aglow with beautiful landscapes. From the arid mountaintops to the turquoise waters of its lakes, they offer a diverse and contrasting r...

- the 1 August 2017

Northern Alps: 9 astounding panoramic views!

Whether you’re surrounded by legendary summits, or at the edge of a mountain lake, the Northern Alps invite you to walk through the most beautiful of natural settings. Succumb to the mountains’ cha...

- the 1 August 2017

Jura mountains : 8 views to die for

Do you know the Jura mountains ? For a relaxing weekend or a sporty trip, let yourself be seduced by the numerous charms of this area. Close to Switzerland, the Jura is a beautiful mix of lakes and...

- the 11 July 2017

Skiing: 10 exceptional high-altitude panoramic views

A fresh layer of snow, a lake or perhaps the sea in the distance, a town sparkling like stars twinkling in the sky… It doesn’t take much to make a mountain landscape truly stunning, a canvas on whi...

- the 16 November 2016

Consider walking in a different way along our themed hikes

There are countless ways to get around the mountains, and they don’t all mean breaking a sweat! Have fun strolling along magnificent landscapes with your family, stopping off at interesting places ...

- the 23 August 2016