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Whether you’re on holiday or looking for a weekend getaway, the mountains seem to be a winter’s favourite destination, and for good reason! The mountains are unique at this time of year and offer a wide range of activities, unusual locations, experiences, and breathtaking sceneries. A winter holiday in the mountains is a privileged moment out of time. 

Discover 10 good reasons to go to the mountains of France this winter.

To ski, obviously!

Skieur sur les sommets enneigés

It would be wrong not to mention skiing when talking about spending winter in the mountains! From the beginning of December, the first resorts open their doors, and the first descents can begin. 

Whether you're a keen skier or a beginner, the ski areas are equipped to welcome all winter sports enthusiasts. Take your pick of seasonal, weekly, daily or half-day ski pass, and let the fun begin.

For beginners, don't hesitate to take lessons with an ESF instructor to learn the basics, build your confidence and enjoy the pleasures of the slopes to the full. 


Enjoy a host of activities

Parapente en ski hiver

Worried about getting bored? Not a chance! The resorts offer a wide range of activities throughout the season to delight young and old alike. Whether you're with the family, on your own or with friends, you can enjoy an array of sporting, gentle or thrilling activities.

Here are just a few examples of what's in store: 

  • Photo safari with a night in a refuge (Pralognan la Vanoise) 
  • Tobogganing (Puy Saint Vincent)
  • Yooner (Serre Chevalier)
  • Ice climbing (Les Contamines)
  • Paragliding (Alpe d'Huez)
  • Giant Tyrolean traverse (Monts Jura) 
  • Toboggan runs (Mont-Dore)

Head to the local tourist office or wander onto their website to find out about all the activities on offer.


Enjoy local cuisine

Tartiflette, recette typique de montagne

The mountains are well known for their local gastronomy, and each region has its own specialities! Enjoy a traditional raclette, a Savoyard fondue, a baked Mont d'Or, a crozet gratin or a blueberry tart.

Make the most of your stay and try all the typical dishes from the local restaurants in a cosy and friendly atmosphere. And if you're looking for local produce to take home, head to the markets and meet the local producers.  


A true winter wonderland experience

Village de montagne eclairé
©Béatrice Prève

The mountains are magical in winter and a trip there is the perfect opportunity to make memories that will last you a lifetime.

Winter holidays in the mountains mean a magical world of festive colours. At this time of year, the villages are all lit up, immersing you in a festive and magical atmosphere. Make the most of the many illuminations in the cobbled streets of the town centres, Christmas markets where you'll find local craftsmen and their wares, set off to meet Father Christmas with your family or simply enjoy your stay in a world of Christmas films.  


Breathe in, breathe out

Spa en montagne

Fresh air, wide open spaces and unspoilt natural surroundings, ground yourself in the mountains of France. Get away from it all to refocus and recharge your batteries. The mountains are renowned for their many health benefits – both mental and physical!

Try the thermal waters for a moment out of time in Chamonix or Brides-les-Bains, for example. Or simply breathe in the fresh mountain air on a hike beneath the snow-covered fir trees. 

Beneath their thick white mantle, the landscapes are of a rare and peaceful beauty, a unique setting in which to find peace and quiet.  


Spending quality time with family 

Chalet de montagne

he mountains offer a warm and welcoming setting, the perfect atmosphere for getting together with friends and family. Make yourself a cup of hot chocolate, get under a blanket by the fireplace, choose a film and enjoy these precious moments together. 

After a busy day, you'll be happy to sit back in your flat or chalet and enjoy a family game or an impromptu cookery workshop.  


To get away from it all

Lac de Montriond Morzine
©Sam Ingles / Morzine 

The French mountains offer an exceptional setting worthy of the most beautiful postcards, a few hours from the UK. Once you've reached the summit, with its unique panorama of snow-covered forests and picturesque villages, you'll feel as if time has stood still. 

Whether you're in the Northern Alps, the Southern Alps, the Vosges, the Pyrenees, the Jura Mountains or the Auvergne, you can change your surroundings completely and enjoy magnificent landscapes. Sometimes all you need is a bit of altitude to feel completely at home. 


The great outdoors 

Couple face au lac
©Gérardmer Tourisme 

There's nothing like the mountains for a breath of fresh air. Leave pollution behind and enjoy a rejuvenating holiday away from the hectic pace of everyday life. The mountains offer a relaxing setting where you can breathe the pure air of the peaks.  


Recall childhood memories

Activités en famille à la montagne

Building an igloo to spend the night, making a snowman, taking on your friends in a snowball fight or trying out new activities such as ice skating... all memories of your younger years that will stay with you forever. 

It's a great opportunity to fall back into childhood and perpetuate winter traditions with your loved ones.  


Getting active and trying out new things 

ski de randonnée
©Nils Louna 

Ski in all its forms (alpine, Nordic, touring, freestyle, etc.), climb the most beautiful glaciers, try out new activities (biathlon, skating, bobsleigh, etc.), discover the most beautiful spots in the resort on snowshoes...

There are as many winter sports as there are enthusiasts to practice them. Whether you're returning to your favourite sport or trying out new activities, the mountains offer a huge playground for both seasoned and up-and-coming sports enthusiasts.  



Crédit photo de couverture : ©Worldelse

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