In the mountains, one is never bored.  After a great day out on the slopes, the excitement continues.  Nightclubs, bars, concerts, and festivals of all kinds - one can party and dance till dawn.  B...

- the 27 June 2011

Adventure Parks

Adventure parks are ideal destinations for outdoor family fun and relaxation.  Great moments in the great outdoors!

- the 27 June 2011

Aquatic Recreation Centres

Celebrated for fresh air and athletic activities, the mountains are also a place for relaxation and well-being.  With the development of aquatic recreation centres in the resorts, you can enjoy the...

- the 27 June 2011

Summer Luge

Every bit as enjoyable as winter luge, summer luge can be practiced in many mountain stations, on tracks designed especially for this thrilling - but safe - activity.  An exhilarating experience ...

- the 27 June 2011

Ice diving

The idea of ice diving undoubtedly sends a little shiver down your spine.  Light passing through a layer of transparent ice, air bubbles racing to the surface…maybe ice diving is the experience you...

- the 27 June 2011

When the mountain becomes air

In the tops of mountains, the sights are breathtaking. Admire our portfolio of summits in all their magnificence. To discover to bike, on foot, there via ferrata, climbing or bivouac...

- the 26 May 2011


France Montagnes has selected a few photos of the most scenic hiking visible!

- the 16 May 2011

Unusual activities in the resorts

If walking and mountain biking remain the dominant summer activities in the mountains the resorts now offer a variety of leisure activities a little more unusual and often unknown. Let’s take a c...

- the 16 May 2011

The great crossing of the Alps, at your own rhythm

Whether you are a great walker or a supporter of least effort, with its 800 partners and its 6 different itineraries, the GTA (Grande Traversée des Alpes – Great Alps Crossing) will offer you an ex...

- the 16 May 2011

Sleep differently this summer!

Sleeping in a tipi or in a hut? Contemplating the stars in a hammock or at the top of a tree? Don’t hesitate! As a couple, with friends or with the whole family, have an exciting unusual night!

- the 16 May 2011

The mountain by bicycle

The little queen is queen of the mountains! Uphill or downhill, on the road or on paths, pushing hard on the pedals with the nose in the wind, one can get a different taste of the mountain on two...

- the 16 May 2011

A walk in the mountains

The mountains are perfect terrain for walking and hiking.  Do you dream of climbing to the summits?  Or exploring the famous mountain routes? Seasoned athletes can climb to the highest peaks and ...

- the 27 April 2011