Christmas pictures

In the last week of December, you'll find exceptional decorations in every French mountains resorts.

- the 28 November 2011

The art of doing nothing in the mountains

How lovely it can be to sit back and relax, while all around you a frenzy of activity takes place.  In our collective imagination, a mountain holiday is synonymous with action, effort, and performa...

- the 17 August 2011


Walking, a time for oneself. You wish to take advantage of the high altitude to take a break, to resource your body and mind. Stop dreaming, the mountain resorts allow you to recharge your batteri...

- the 16 May 2011

The call of nature

In their colours and fabrics, the trends for winter 2010 play the nature card and return to the source.

- the 20 January 2011

Spa, health by water

More than just a passing fancy, the spa is now a standard in the services proposed by most French ski resorts.  A pause “for you” once considered a luxury, now accessible – and recommended – for ev...

- the 13 December 2010

The finest chalets

- the 10 December 2010

Why do the mountains make us feel so good?

Discover the benefits of nature, in a warm, welcoming environment. Whether you are a dedicated skiier, or prefer taking a stroll in snowshoes, the mountains are the place to be. Make up for lost time

- the 2 December 2010

The mountains, the art of living well

Mountain resorts are not only centres for winter sports, limited to the slopes. They are also ideal places for a holiday under the open sky, where one can breathe, relax and take advantage of the...

- the 15 November 2010