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This winter will see new Alpine igloos opening in Val Thorens, joining those already in Les Arcs, Avoriaz, La Rosière, Chamrousse and La Plagne.

Much more than just accommodation in the snow, over the last few years igloos have become genuine temporary hotels offering bars, catering, overnight stays and events. Evoking both the Inuit people and childhood memories, igloos – ‘houses’ in the Inuktitut language – were used by hunters as temporary wintertime accommodation. Today, they are popping back up in the Alps as part of an ephemeral sculpted and illuminated world. From survival courses to ice hotels, resorts are offering a range of options for spending a night in an igloo.

The only one of its kind, the new Village Igloo de Val Thorens will be a real 180m² ice living space. This ‘large grotto’ will transport guests of all ages on a fantastic journey. An ice bar awaits visitors for a well-deserved break at any time of the day. An extraordinary restaurant will welcome them to enjoy an authentic Savoyard fondue. Finally, in the evening, the ice village will transform into a temporary hotel with bedrooms cut into the frozen ice, making for an extraordinary night in the mountains. Around 15 days and 3,500m³ of snow are required to build this igloo village, the highest in France!

In La Rosière, experience an extraordinary evening followed by an unforgettable night in one of the rooms of the new giant igloo. On the programme: a starlit walk through the snow to reach the igloo, followed by a welcome drink, before sitting down to savour a Savoyard fondue and selection of cured meats. After a beautiful night in the heart of nature, you’ll wake up facing the impressive Mont-Pourri. With breakfast ready, you’ll have the whole day ahead to enjoy the slopes.

The La Rosière and Val Thorens igloos are the latest addition to a concept dreamt up in Les Arcs in 2014 by the Caméléon events agency.

They follow the igloos in Avoriaz in 2015 and La Rosière in 2018. Every village boasts a 50m² bar, two 35m² restaurants and two 10m² bedrooms. They feature sculpted and illuminated interiors.

In Chamrousse and La Plagne, Blacksheep Igloo gives you the chance to book a night in a carved snow igloo. Enjoy a Savoyard fondue and sleep in an individual igloo, on an ice bed, beneath a duvet designed for extreme temperatures. Sleeping bag sheets provided.

There’s a choice of four types of igloo: an igloo for two with romantic décor, perfect for couples; a family igloo, which can accommodate 3-6 people, a multi igloo, which can accommodate 8 people and is bookable individually just like a mountain refuge, and even a ‘Hot Igloo’, a cosy, heated igloo-shaped dome that opens out onto nature for an unforgettable evening for two. The latter option is only available in La Plagne.

Illustrations : Village Igloo / Caméléon

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Did you know? In an igloo, the temperature stays around 0°, the snow works like insulation, protecting you from the glacial temperatures outside.

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