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When you go to the mountains in winter, most people are familiar with the safety instructions on and around the slopes. But do you know the safety instructions for the mountains in summer?

The mountains are not a benign terrain and can present risks for the uninformed and unprepared. Here's some advice and good practice to apply this summer, so you can enjoy the many mountain activities while keeping the risks to a minimum!

Preparing your summer outing in the mountains

Sécurité en montagne : préparez votre sac

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If you want to enjoy the mountains in summer in complete safety, the best thing to do is to plan your outing or holiday in advance. That way you can avoid unpleasant surprises when you get there! To find your way around, start with these 4 points:


Check the weather conditions

In the mountains, the weather is different because of the altitude, and above all, it can change completely in a short space of time. And in summer, thunderstorms can take hikers and cyclists by surprise during their outings.

So before you set off, check the weather applications and use the webcams! Available in many mountain resorts, they give you a real-time view of the weather conditions at your destination.

Finally, keep an eye out for any warnings from the authorities, such as orange alerts, and don't hesitate to postpone your outing if the risk is too great.


Prepare the right outfit

Then, depending on the weather and the type of mountain outing you are planning, you can prepare your outfit.

Suitable mountain clothing is comfortable, sporty and has several layers to adapt to changing temperatures (which can vary very quickly!).

But the most important thing is undoubtedly your footwear. Make sure that your trainers or hiking boots keep your feet and ankles secure, don't hurt you and are still in good condition.

Finally, in the mountains in summer, don't forget a hat and sunglasses. With all that, your outfit is ready to take on the trails of your favourite mountain ranges!


Check the difficulty of the chosen route

Have you spotted this magnificent spot? Did your cousin tell you about an incredible hike near his house? Great! But before you set off, a few checks are in order. Check the length of the walk (round trip), the number of kilometres and the difference in altitude.

Tip: check out the France Montagnes hiking catalogue, with all its practical information!


Prepare a small first aid kit

The last step before you leave is to pack a small first-aid kit in case of any minor injuries or problems. So what should you pack? The essential: sun cream! Then top it off with a few bandages (normal and anti-blister), a disinfectant, or a kit to treat an insect bite.



Once on site, 4 best practices

Sécurité en montagne : une fois sur place, que faire ?

Photo credit:  ©OT Station du Lac Blanc

Now you're ready to explore our mountains! Here are a few tips to keep you safe during your outing:


  • Share your itinerary or position, and tell someone you trust that you are going out. In the event of a problem, this will make it easier for help to arrive.
  • Ask the professionals in the resort for information: they know the area you're in best and can tell you where you need to be on your guard, as well as giving you a few tips on how to make the most of the best spots!
  • Follow the signposted routes and avoid venturing into dangerous and remote terrain. This will ensure that the route is safe and suited to your activity.
  • Take breaks and respect your limits: because the pleasure of the mountains in summer comes before the quest for performance, you can try to outdo yourself and get the most out of it, but above all listen to your body. The mountains are for everyone, at every level!S’informer auprès des professionnels de la station : ils sont les plus fins connaisseurs du territoire où vous vous trouvez et pourrons vous indiquer les lieux où il faut être vigilants, en plus de vous donner quelques astuces pour profiter des meilleurs recoins !


Mountains, a natural area to be preserved

Like all natural areas, the mountains are fragile, and it's up to everyone to protect them. Staying close to the marked trails means respecting the local flora and fauna, and ensuring the preservation of the breathtaking scenery offered by the wide variety of French mountain ranges. If you choose to have a picnic lunch, remember to take your rubbish with you, which you can dispose of when you get back to the resort.


‘For a safe summer in the mountains’: the Ministry of Sport's campaign


The Institut National de la Consommation (INC) and the Ministry of Sport are joining forces this summer in a campaign entitled ‘For a safe summer in the mountains’. To ensure that mountain activities remain a pleasure, the campaign includes a video clip outlining the best practices to adopt this summer:


To find out more about mountain safety in summer and discover the other content in this campaign, click here to access the YouTube playlist.



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