“Famille Plus Mountain” 

Famille Plus Mountain is the first and only national tourism label to approve the facilities and services available to families with children staying in French tourist destinations. It is recognised by the French Ministry of Tourism.

By improving resort services and facilities, the label aims to meet the requirements of families with children aged 18 months and above staying in mountain resorts. It also helps to identify the offer available to families and make it more well-known, both in France and abroad.

To qualify for this label, mountain resorts must meet most of the 110 criteria regarding: 

  • infrastructure and information,
  • resort entertainment, 
  • activities,  
  • the discovery of the environment and mountain heritage,
  • accommodation and restaurant facilities,
  • amenities, transport and safety.

For the mountain resorts, entering into Famille plus mountain is evidence of their strong determination to ensure a high level of quality in terms of infrastructure and the holiday experience they offer for families and children.

The resorts’ commitments:  

In the Famille plus mountain resorts you will receive a very warm welcome. 

Seven commitments that the resorts must adhere to in order to play host to both children and adults.

  1. A tailor-made infrastructure for families
  2. Entertainment and activities to suit all ages
  3. A price to suit everyone: from the youngest to the oldest
  4. Activities for adults and children to enjoy, together or separately 
  5. Professionals that are trained to take great care of children
  6. Children to be taken great care of by professionals
  7. Our aim: to take your requirements and suggestions into account