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"Brilliant fun!" - reader, Perry Lancaster has a go...

"Brilliant fun!" - reader, Perry Lancaster has a go...

Skidoo rides are available at most ski resorts throughout France, and offer an exciting option for après-ski. Perry Lancaster, French resident, recently tried skidooing for the first time. He went with a group of friends in the Alps, and we asked him what it was like, how difficult it was, and whether it is something everyone would enjoy…

It was fantastic - brilliant fun! Of course, I went as fast as the thing would go. My passenger was screaming, and neither of us could stop laughing. It was mental!

I went deliberately slowly, hung back, and waited for the group to get quite far ahead, then let rip to catch up!

It might have been easier for me, because of being able to board, and I'm used to speed on a machine, because of racing motorbikes. But anyone could drive one - people choose how fast or slow they would like to go. My passenger got off near the end and we swapped over. She had ridden a skidoo across a glacier before and was maybe a little more aware of the potential danger, which was great as I'm a nervous passenger. With Hannah driving I could relax and enjoy the beautiful mountain surroundings as the sun set."

It was quite weird, because the track things underneath can pull you up slippery, snowy slopes that seem too steep - the skidoo just zooms up. The scariest bit's going downhill, because skidoos are on skis as well as having the tracks, and they start sliding around a bit; there's less control.

Everyone should try it once - it doesn't have to be scary. What a laugh!”

This article first appeared on FrenchEntrée.com

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