2011 Mountain activities



Take advantage of your holiday…to get back in shape!  Most of the French mountain resorts offer fitness classes accessible to all.  It is the perfect opportunity to try one of the many up-and-coming fitness programmes.  Here, an overview of some of the activities available, and their benefits.
Just for you
In the 70s and 80s, fitness was synonymous with neon, Lycra, legwarmers, and early-morning fitness programmes.  Beneficial, certainly, but times have changed.  Today’s practices have little to do with those televised workouts of previous decades.  The objectives, however, remain the same: an improvement of one’s overall physical condition.  Today, variety is the key when it comes to fitness, and you will find specialised, personalised options that suit your style.  Body Training, treadmills, rowing machines, cycling, step, weight training, cardio…the choice is yours.  A simple consultation will allow you to define your profile and your fitness level.  Then, you can choose the courses and exercises that are best adapted to your needs.  A group session or individual coaching, take your pick!
A healthy body, a healthy mind
Fitness training is as much for your mental as your physical state.  Physical activity provides a real sense of well being, allowing you to clear your mind, release stress and put life’s little troubles behind.  Make healthy living your daily regime, and take advantage of all life has to offer.
Fitness in the mountains
When choosing your holiday destination, take fitness into consideration.  Aside the traditional mountain pastimes, challenge yourself by trying one of the numerous fitness activities the mountains have to offer, for a « fit » holiday.  From la Mongie to les Deux Alpes, Font Romeu, to Briançon, most of the mountain resorts offer courses for fitness and relaxation by trained instructors.  Similarly, hotels and holiday centres may also include fitness programmes with their accommodation offers.  Plus, you can treat yourself to a soak in the Jacuzzi after a hard workout…
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