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If you have always dreamed of flying…it’s possible for a few dozen seconds, thanks to the giant Tyrolean traverses that have developed in different France Montagnes resorts. On your own or as a duo, you’re off for a descent along a cable for sensations similar to flying, with speeds approaching - or even exceeding - 100 kilometres per hour. For guaranteed thrills!

Orcières-Merlette (Hautes-Alpes)

1870 metres long, 155 m descent from departure to arrival in one minute thirty seconds with a cruising speed of 130 km/hr - these are the characteristics of the Orcières-Merlette Tyrolean traverse. Attached to and suspended by a harness, you lay flat head first, up to 150 metres above the ground and only fifteen metres from the rocky barriers. Reached by the Drouvet Telemix lift (1 and 2), it is accessible to children from eight years old.

06 84 44 88 10 ; 40 € per trip (excluding lift pass)

Super Besse (Auvergne)

Fantasticable, a giant 1600 metre long Tyrolean traverse, installed at Super-Besse offers a 240 metre descent from departure to arrival - the largest in France. Lying down head first, like a delta plane, you leave for a vertiginous flight over the resort (45 metres above the ground), for around 1 minute 20 seconds, with speeds reaching 120 km/hr.This Tyrolean traverse is accessible for solo (from 12 years old) and duo ‘flights’ (one adult + one child from 8 to 12 years old, at least 30 kilos, with no more than 40 kilos weight difference between child and adult).30 € solo, 56 € duo; 04 73 79 60 03photo ©OT Sancy

La Bresse (Vosges)

An unbeatable view over the valley at the departure, a flight 50 metres above the ground and a high speed of 110 km/hr skimming the fir trees…this is the Fantasticable adventure in La Bresse. For just over a minute, you seem to take the place of a bird of prey, with the feeling of flying freely. Are you a bit scared at departure? You can slow down your descent with a parachute, for a more tranquil stroll through the air. Accessible to all from 6 years old (from 20 to 130 kilos). Bol d’Air, the company offering this Tyrolean traverse, also offers the “Propuls’Air” - an inverted bungee jump that catapults you 30 metres into the air in two seconds. 03 29 25 62 62

Châtel (Haute-Savoie)

At Châtel the pleasure is doubled.There are not only one, but two Tyrolean traverses waiting for you. They link up to let you descent precisely 2523 m of cable at nearly 100 km/hr. The first lets you fly over the hamlet of Pleine Dranse, at 140 metres over the highest point. The second Tyrolean traverse lets you “land” below the col de Bassachaux. It is even more vertiginous, with a maximum height of 240 metres. Allow between one to two minutes of descent for each of the Tyrolean traverses, depending on your weight (this Fantasticable Tyrolean traverse is accessible by chair lift from the Pré-la-Joux site, reserved for people weighing between 35 and 120 kilos). Price : 36 € for an individual flight, 60 € for a duo flight (total weight 150 kilos with a maximum difference of 40 kilos between the two passengers). 04 50 81 34 83 

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photo ©Bertrand Bodin

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