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In their colours and fabrics, the trends for winter 2010 play the nature card and return to the source.

In their colours and fabrics, the trends for winter 2010 play the nature card and return to the source.

The return to nature

Finally, the cold weather is back!  It’s time to take our parkas, scarves and slippers out of the closet, and to feast our eyes upon the new winter fashions. To put it simply, the trend this winter is all-natural.  Forget the sparkle, the sequins and the bling-bling: aviator  jackets with sheepskin collars, and cable-knit or geometric-patterned jumpers are back.  Combine them with the must-have accessory of the season: the fur-lined ushanka, or Russian-style fur cap. For handbags, shoes and hats, fleecy wool and leather in natural colours (cream, camel, brown) are the rule.  As are thick wool socks, worn folded over with high-heeled shoes and a flowy dress or skirt.  This return to nature is a sign of the times: the search for delicacy and authenticity. We can already see ourselves, at the end of a day of skiing, playing snow princesses around the fire, in pom-pommed boots and thick reindeer-print cardigans.  Hot chocolate-coloured, of course… 

Retro-chic style

On the slopes, the retro-chic trend is confirmed.  Clothes are worn closer to the body (belted jackets, ski pants,) also in natural colours.  But we can still dare for a few electric shades (blue, yellow, red, etc.,) reminders of the colour palette of the 1990’s.  The only acceptable prints are stripes, checks and tweed…with a small detail that makes all the difference: a vintage insignia sewed onto the arm or bust.  Pay attention, as somber ski clothing can often hide a playful interior: jacket linings hold the surprise of bright colours and patterns.

Alpine spirit

This return to the source takes us back to the days of the early mountaineers.  We draw from the legends of the first alpinists who struggled to the peaks of the mountains.  But forget the ropes and the ice axes, and retain the best parts: like thick, natural-leather shoes with studded rubber soles and laces.  A trend that is no longer just for experienced hikers, it has been spotted in resort bars and even in the city, in a high-heeled version.  When the city takes its fashion cues from the mountains, we can’t wait to leave the asphalt behind and head to the summits….

Text : Arnault Breysse

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