2018 Health and well-being

With mindful walking, yoga, meditation and naturopathy, make your next summer holiday a chilled-out one! In the mountains, there are many different opportunities for self-improvement and to recharge your batteries. 
In our fast-paced lives, we often forget to take time to catch our breath and have a rest. On holiday, it is essential that we switch off and unwind totally. With its stunning scenery inviting you to contemplate, the mountains do just that – offering you a chance to chill-out and let go. Take a look at our selection of courses and activities, with the focus is on your well-being.

Hike for inner peace

Peace Walking  - Courchevel
Peace walking is a new activity that is comprised of different breathing exercises in time with your step. Inspired by the Buddhist mindful walking, Afghan walking and kin-hin walking meditation, Peace walking combines the positive well-being effects of walking and breathing.
Mindful walking and breathing – Les Saisies
Take a deep breath in, recharge your batteries and meditate as you contemplate the beautiful mountain landscapes for half a day. Walk confidently using yoga and Qi Gong techniques. Walk mindfully with Hélène d'Artitude.
Mindful walking – Les Arcs-Bourg St Maurice
State qualified mountain leader, Stéphanie Courtois organises chilled-out mindful walking sessions and workshops to increase your life force energy.

 Well-being where you’d least expect it

Go fishing to get back to your roots
If you thought fishing was boring, think again! There’s no better way to recharge your batteries than by finding a comfortable spot at the heart of nature, from where you can contemplate the scenery and the moving water. Fishing can be a great way to regain inner calm, concentration and relaxation - giving you time to reflect. Set at an altitude of 2,500 metres, Ouillette Lake in Val d’Isère boasts stunning panoramic views, welcoming anyone who wishes to fish whilst soaking up the peace and tranquility of the surroundings.
Barefoot walking through peat bogs – Praz de Lys Sommand
Imagine moving between water and land as if you were weightless. As you walk barefoot through these little known natural surroundings, your senses will soak up energy that dates back to the last glacial period. Take a day to recharge your batteries and discover this environment.
From 01/06 to 30/09 / Price: 35 € per adult and 25 € per child under the age of 12
Rediscover life’s little pleasures in the mountains – Saint-François Lonchamp
Comprising a mountain leader, naturopath and farmers, the Tourism and Mountaintherapy Association offers holidaymakers the chance to discover the secrets and well-being effects of the mountains. The programme includes hiking with donkeys, discovering medicinal plants, a traditional mountain snack, learning how to milk cows… easy, healthy and uplifting activities that are accessible to all at the heart of nature.

Working body and mind

Guided meditation - Brides les Bains
Be at one with nature and discover your inner strength in the grounds of the resort’s thermal spa, far from the stresses and strains of everyday life. «Guided meditation: Awaken your inner strength» workshop run by Nicolas Zoll.
From June to late September  Times: 7.15am -8am.
Yoga courses – Val Thorens
Anita Thevenot runs yoga sessions and courses to introduce you to the basic techniques (pranayama, relaxation and meditation) so that you can practise daily on your own. A beneficial experience for both body and mind.

Find out more about alternative medicine

Osteopathy - Couchevel
In conjunction with Uélys Montagne, Courchevel’s Aquamotion aquafun centre runs mountain and osteopathy courses, as well as hikes, nordic walking and trail running. These fitness courses comprise mountain activities and osteopathy so that you can get the most out of the mountains whilst reaping healthy well-being benefits.
Naturopathy - Samoëns
Learn and apply the basics of naturopathy and natural health products out in the fresh air, surrounded by stunning scenery.
On the programme: vegetarian and organic cookery classes, introduction to well-being massage and foot reflexology, learning how to recognise and use wild plants and essential oils.
Chinese medicine - Gérardmer
The ‘Nature et Ressourcement’ chalet / bed & breakfast close to Gérardmer runs a "Chinese medicine and vital energy" course. Learn the basic principles and techniques whilst relaxing and enjoying walks in the fresh air right at the heart of nature.
Restore your mind-body balance – Combloux
A 3-day course entailing holistic treatments and teaching is available on request. Embark on a tailor-made programme in a calm and relaxing atmosphere with supervision provided daily by a team of professionals: emotional intelligence and reiki coach, osteopath, ayurvedic therapist, naturopath and yoga teacher.
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