If you like French skiing dishes, then you are going to have a great time!French mountain dishes are delicious, and you will enjoy tasting special après-ski meals straight from the tradition of French mountain cooking.

What are the French skiing dishes?Amongst the most famous French mountain dishes, you will findthe Savoyard fondue, the croziflette, polenta Savoyard style, Conté cheese soufflé…and of course the delicious French mountain dish,  the tartiflette!

Cheese is also part of the famous French mountain gastronomy.You will find good French cheese, whatever the French mountain range you choose to spend your holidays in!

  • Cheese from the Alps: Banon, Savoie Chevrotin, Savoie Reblochon, Abondance, Beaufort, Gruyère, Tome des Bauges, Bleu du Vercors Sassenage
  • Cheese from the Jura: Mont d’or, Comté, Gruyère, Bleu de Gex or Bleu de Septmoncel
  • Cheese from the Vosges: Munster Géromé, Gruyère
  • Cheese from the Pyrenees:Ossau Iraty

You can even cook French mountain dishes when you get home. On France Montagnes, you will find numerous mountain recipes. Do you want to cook a raclette?It’s easy!Here is the recipe for raclette.