What’s the best age to learn to ski?

- the 9 January 2017

Resorts pull out all the stops for beginners

- the 15 August 2016

FAQ Altitude Special

- the 11 October 2012

10 reasons to visit the French mountains more often

1)    Feel like a child again.Whether you are 7 or 77, a snowball fight with friends or children will always be a memorable experience. 2)    Mountain nature will awaken your senses.It is always en...

- the 8 October 2012

Staying safe on the slopes

Needless to say, an environment praised for its slippery surfaces carries an increased risk of injury for holidaymakers, so make sure you have all bases covered when you set off on a ski break in F...

- the 11 January 2012

Winter sports in France: a glossary

Do you know your piste from your pente? Check out this list of French key words that you may come across during your skiing holiday in France. Winter sports – les sports d'hiver Alpine skiing – l...

- the 2 December 2011

Travel from the UK to French ski resorts

Ski bunnies are spoiled for choice when it comes to travel options, as the mountainous regions of France are well served by planes and trains. Taking the channel tunnel or ferry in your car or hiri...

- the 2 December 2011

The mountains are accessible to everyone

Working in partnership, the Ski 2 Freedom Foundation and French ski schools help make ski holidays a reality for children and adults with a disability or special need. Taking a child with a disabil...

- the 10 November 2011

Great skiing. Great area. Good value holidays.

So what’s the name of the resort?

- the 10 November 2011

What you need to know for your first mountain holiday

It's decided: this year, you will spend your well-deserved vacation in the mountains, for the first time.  For a successful vacation, here are a few pieces of helpful advice for planning and taking...

- the 2 November 2011

Where to ski in France

Home to a whole host of easily accessible resorts of world renown, it’s no wonder that France is so popular for ski holidays. It offers a choice of purpose-built or natural resorts depending on how...

- the 18 October 2011

The ski resort - a beginner’s guide

Whether or not you’ve had some practise on a dry slope, a ski resort in France can still prove daunting to the uninitiated. So before we bid you bon voyage, read our guide to runs and lifts, ski hi...

- the 17 October 2011