A walk on the snow...

Snowshoeing is gaining more and more of a following.  It is estimated that there are now between two and three million adepts in France.  The equipment has evolved since the days of the original wood and leather snowshoes, but the spirit of nature and simplicity remains.  An opportunity to recharge one’s batteries in the great outdoors, and to simply enjoy oneself.

The call of the mountains

Snowshoeing is the perfect activity for returning to nature.  It isn’t for nothing that the sport has been practiced for over 10 000 years!  But forget the old, wood-frame snowshoes with leather laces you see decorating the walls of the chalets.  Today, one can set out to conquer the great outdoors in high-performance equipment at reasonable prices.  Accessible to everyone, snowshoeing doesn’t take long to learn.  It suffices to lace up the snowshoes, to follow your own rhythm and the rhythm of nature.  A wonderful way to escape, relax, and forget your everyday worries!

For your health

Snowshoeing isn’t just a healthy excursion: it is a integral physical activity that burns up to 1000 calories per hour.  Most importantly, it calls upon many different muscles of the human body, including the heart.  Walking in the snow allows you to develop your endurance and  revitalizes your cardiovascular rhythm without straining your body.   Plus, it allows for a breath of fresh air in a natural setting and the exhilarating sensation of setting your feet down on an immaculate white blanket of snow…an experience to discover!

The road to adventure

Whether you go for two hours or for the day, you will have a choice of numerous marked trails.  It is advisable to follow these circuits rather than setting of into the backcountry where the snow may be unstable.  It is wise to do some research beforehand to find a trail that is appropriate for your level.  Another important precaution is to check the weather before you go.  As for the equipment, bring a warm jacket in a breathable fabric, waterproof hiking boots, hiking poles (to distribute the effort among different muscle groups), and, in your backpack, a bottle of water and a snack, such as a cereal bar or dried fruit.  You are now ready to answer the call of the mountains….  

Info + : Every year, in order to discover or rediscover the pleasure of snowshoeing, a national snowshoeing day is organised at numerous ski resorts.  The 10th edition will be held on January 9th 2011.  For more information :

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