Sled Dogs

In the footsteps of Jack London

If you love nature, the snow, contact with animals, and adventure, dogsledding is made for you.  No need to go to Canada, Alaska or Scandinavia for this incomparable experience;  professional mushers propose the activity in numerous French ski resorts.

Vast snowy landscapes, bordered by forests, as far as the eye can see.  The soft patter of huskies’ paws, bounding across a pristine white blanket of snow, far from everyday life.  A growing number of French ski resorts now offer this activity, which allows practitioners to experience a unique contact with nature and a dramatic change of scenery.

A day of dogsledding is certain to be a success.  It is a way to revive our nomadic instincts and explore the outdoors, following the rhythm of the sled gliding over the snow, snug under a warm blanket as the mushers guide the way. The activity is accessible to all, and requires neither a particular technique nor physical condition.  A magical experience to enjoy as a family, together in the heart of the forest, effortlessly admiring the landscape, the snow, and the happy faces of children eager to take the reins.

Affinity with the animals

The relationship between the musher and his dogs is what makes dogsledding such an enchanting experience.  Dogsledding is more than a simple activity for fun and fitness; it is a state of mind.  In order to obtain the best results from his dogs, the musher must form a genuine team with them.  The dogs are driven by voice, so it is necessary to be firm as well as reassuring and rewarding.  This contact with the animals is sure to please your children.

Simply stated, a successful dogsled ride is first and foremost about the affinity one establishes with the animals.  Once this affinity has been established, the game has been won.  You can then take full advantage of the magic of this activity that follows the footsteps of White Fang and the other heroes of the stories of Jack London.

Photos : Christophe Migeon, Philippe Royer

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